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Professional Development



How mentally prepared is your sales team?


It’s about being a high performance leader and creating high performance teams.

Team Building

A highly effective and profitable team is made up of many ingredients.


Change Management

In today’s world, change should be expected.

Mentor / Coaching

Ben Sigmund develops bespoke programmes for teams and individuals.

Public Speaking

Ben’s message is raw, real and is delivered with humour. It’s about how resilience and perseverance are key to being successful, even after multiple setbacks.

What is Fully Committed?

Fully Committed is all about developing the talent of today, moulding and shaping that talent in preparation for the future, for opportunity. Fully Committed is just that, fully committed to developing the attitudes, skills, resilience and behaviours required for success. What you won’t hear is that people with all the skill in the world often miss their opportunities, through poor attitude. It’s not about what you know, it’s about what you don’t know, like how to form the right attitude, how to develop winning behaviours, how to be robust in your resilience and how to identify your opportunities.

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